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Iron Mountain’s Secure Document & Data Storage Facilities

Ever wondered why our customers prefer Iron Mountain? Could it be our Document & Data Storage Facilities?

Iron Mountain operates state of the art document & data storage facilities in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Mauritius, Zambia, and Lesotho, and is the only records management company in Africa that makes use of three key risk management technologies.

Founded in 1998, Iron Mountain is today, one of the top Records & Information Management organisations in Africa.

1. Risk Management Technologies

Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)

The very early smoke detection apparatus, or VESDA, is thousands of time more sensitive than conventional smoke detection systems. Our facilities make use of this system to continuously sample the air, filter out contaminates and dust that could cause a false alarm and then uses a high sensitivity laser to analyse it. With the ability to detect a fire earlier than other systems, we can react much faster to situations.


Radio-frequency Identification (RFID)

Iron Mountain’s Radio-frequency identification (RFID) asset tracking systems tag, locate and improve document security. RFID technology utilises tags to receive and transmit radio signals to readers/interrogators that pick up the signal. The tags contain antennas that receive and respond to radio-frequency queries and an electrical transponder, which stores information that identifies the item to which it has been attached.


Video Alarm Monitoring (VAMSA)

When security matters, reactive security systems are simply not good enough. Enter the pro-active video alarm monitoring security system or VAMSA. This system includes:

  • Passive infrared and video motion detection
  • Video and audio recording and transmission
  • Remote monitoring software
  • Energy-efficient video storage
  • Flexible and scalable access control
  • Integrated security alarm management
  • Integrated command and control software


Fire Sprinkler Systems

Naturally, along with all the above technology, Iron Mountain also makes use of sprinkler systems in case of fires.


2. Document Collection, Scanning and Secure Storage

Document and Record Collection

Iron Mountain transports valuable client documents and records between our secure storage facilities and client locations on a daily basis. No doubt you will, at some time or other, have seen one of Iron Mountain’s many document collection and delivery vehicles.

Whether your documents are arriving or leaving our facilities, you can rest assured your records are in safe hands.


Converting Paper to Digital

Iron Mountain’s document imaging solutions allow you to implement more effective information management programs. Scanning your documents and records allows you to keep copies of important documents.

These documents can then be accesses easily through your computer, while the hardcopies are stored safely.


Secure Storage Warehouse

Iron Mountain operates state-of-the-art warehouse facilities around the country. Our facilities accommodate hundreds of thousands of documents and records in archival boxes at any one time. All records are fully catalogued and tracked on our systems prior to being packed securely on our shelves.

Iron Mountain also makes use of high-security storage vaults for your most important records. Also located within our vaults are our data storage servers that protect your valuable digital data and records.


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