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5 Serious Record Management Security Mistakes

How to avoid and correct mistakes that could cost your company more than just money.

1. Failing to protect your digital documents with passwords

Here is one of the easiest records management security mistakes to remedy. Never underestimate the risk of data theft by unhappy employees, competitors or any other unauthorised person who might gain access to important or sensitive company data. A simple and effective means of combating data theft is to use password protection. This can prevent both internal and external data leaks.

2. Not creating a Retention Schedule

It is important to create a retention schedule that adheres to legal and regulatory requirements. Destroying the wrong documents could have serious legal and financial consequences. Firstly, you need to know the correct retention periods for all your records. Secondly, you need to make sure you have proper procedures for handling these records. Lastly, you will need to make sure your staff are well versed in the procedures and that they are carried out consistently throughout your company.

3. Failing to back up company electronic data off-site

As companies production and reliance on electronic documents and data increases so too does the importance of making off-site backups. Imagine all your records and data are stored on your work PCs in a single office. Now image arriving one morning to find all your PCs stolen. Would your company survive such a loss of data?

4. Failing to maintain a regular shredding schedule

Adhering to a document shredding schedule may not seem too important until the wrong person gets hold of sensitive documents. Imagine a competitor getting hold of strategy documents or criminals getting hold of client personal data. Private investigators, disgruntled employees, and even journalists looking for ‘the next big story’ could do untold damage if they got hold of sensitive company records.

5. Hiring a Record & Information Management company that has poor storage facilities

In most industries, there are many players from, which to choose. Not all of these players are equal though. Just because a company offers off-site document and records storage is no guarantee that their facilities are up to standard. Make sure to ask for certifications and accreditations. Verifiable photos of the facilities are also important.

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