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What is a Secure Shredding Process Chain of Custody?

What does a complete shredding process look like?

A key component of a correct shredding process is the chain of custody. Today we will discover why it is so important.

Shredding sensitive documents and records that you no longer need to keep is a smart and cost-effective thing to do. Not only does secure shredding help you maintain privacy and security but it also helps you reduce your storage costs.

However, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle your shredding. Doing your shredding the wrong way limits the security and places your organisation at risk. The right way helps to protect you and your organisation and provides greater peace of mind.

Secure Shredding Chain of Custody

To put it simply, a chain of custody as it relates to the shredding industry is a transparent, organised system of keeping track of the location of documents or records as they move from a client’s premises to the site where shredding takes place.

Your document and record destruction policies should include a requirement for a chain of custody and any professional shredding and data destruction service provider should have a chain of custody system in place. Always choose a supplier who follows shredding best practices.

The Basics of a Secure Shredding Policy

Thorough destruction of selected document and record.

Always carefully sort your documents and records into those that must be kept for legal or organisation requirements and those that can be destroyed in accordance with your destruction schedule.

Once your documents and records have been correctly sorted, those records and documents that can be destroyed must be completely and utterly destroyed so as to prevent their data from ending up in the wrong hands.

The Shredding Process Must Be Reliable and Consistent.

A good shredding process includes many aspects. These include having employees who know how to handle, sort and maintain records to having a professional shredding and data destruction partner. A good shredding policy will cover the full life-cycle of records that have been marked for destruction from sorting to final destruction.

The Evidence of Accountability.

Whether you are following legislation or organisational policies, you will need to prove compliance with procedures and security standards. Utilising a shredding service that provides a chain of custody system as well as certification of actual destruction is the means to prove compliance and protect you and your organisation.

Other important aspects to the chain of custody include bar-code tracking of document touch points, GPS vehicle tracking to monitor the location of your documents and finally, as already mentioned, the all-important certificate of destruction.

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