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Smarter File Tracking Software leads to increased productivity

An efficient employee is a productive one.


Businesses today face more challenges than ever before. Customers are becoming more demanding and want faster delivery. Economic situations are making it harder to expand your business and may be hampering efforts to sell it. Stronger competition means it is harder to stand out and thus increase your customer base. Then there are all the laws and regulations that often seem to hinder rather than help your business. Furthermore, you also have a multitude of employee issues to deal with.

While all these challenges may seem overwhelming at times, there are always steps that you can take to handle them and improve your control over your business.

Among the steps you can take is to improve your file tracking systems as part of improving document management. This is a great way to tackle more than a few challenges at the same time.

How File Tracking Software can help your customers

Would your customers appreciate being sent important documents sooner? Sure, they would, and File Tracking Software makes it fast and easy to locate any paper record in no time at all.

File Tracking Software could help you expand or sell your company

Whether you are looking to expand your business or sell it, you need to have your records in order. No one wants to invest in a disorganised, inefficient company, nor will anyone want to buy a company that is in disarray and cannot locate its records.

A file-tracking solution helps you to be organised and allows you to quickly search for and locate any record that may needed. A well run organisation is a lot more attractive to investors or buyers than an unorganised one.

Increasing your competitiveness

Imagine being able to help your customers with their records faster or being able to respond to new opportunities quickly because you were able to find key documents in an instant.

File Tracking Software can help you create a more efficient organisation that can better take on competitors and not only improve customer loyalty but also attract new customers through a positive image.

Improving Legal Compliance

Every company will have records that are regulated in some way or another by legislation or regulations of some kind. These documents will be used in specific ways and many will need to be retained for specific periods.

With File Tracking Software, you will not only be able to keep track of these valuable records but you can manage their entire life from creation to eventual destruction. This means that you have better control of these records, which will improve your ability to comply with any laws that may apply.

Handling Employee Issues

Organisations have to deal with employee issues on a daily basis. While these issues come in many forms some of them can be handled by implementing smarter document management systems such as file-tracking software. These issues include:

  • Responsibility and accountability issues related to the use of your records
  • Issues related to access to your records
  • Security issues related to your employees use of your records
  • Time wasting and productivity issues related to your records

No doubt you will be able to come up with a few more issues specific to you organisation that you think file tracking software would be able to help with.


File Tracking Software from Iron Mountain


Docu-Track is a flexible and modular file-tracking solution that is adaptable to organisations of all sizes. Docu-Track is also scalable and can handle unlimited numbers of records.

Clients can use Docu-Track to manage their physical files as well as to link scanned images to a specific file. Additionally, the complete life-cycle of your documents and records can be audited and reports generated.

Docu-Track can keep track of both onsite and offsite records accurately and easily, while security is maintained using multiple security precautions.

To learn more about Docu-Track from Iron Mountain click here. Alternatively, for more information contact Iron Mountain today.


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