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The Benefits of File-Tracking Software

How file-tracking software can enhance your business.

Documents and records are part and parcel of running any organisation; you can’t have one without the other. Successful organisations understand the importance of a well-implemented records management plan, especially one, which makes use of the benefits of file-tracking software.

To understand how important it is to track your documents let us look at an example in the form of a medical clinic. This clinic has 12 full-time doctors, 6 nurses, and 10 administrative staff. In looking after the needs of over a thousand patients these 28 people will have to access patient files for each. What might happen should a file become lost?

On a particularly busy winters day a patient comes in complaining that he does not feel so good. Naturally, he is sent to one of the doctors on duty. The doctor, not his regular doctor sends for the patient’s file and begins examining the patient. A while later the doctor is informed that the patient’s file cannot be located. The doctor carries on without it, comes up with a diagnosis, writes the patient a prescription, and sends him on his way.

Some months later, the management of the clinic receives a legal notice that they are being sued.

Why? The patient it seems was allergic to the medicine he was prescribed and shortly after taking it, he collapsed and was rushed to hospital where he died. Now by the time legal action was taken the patient’s file had been found, in fact it was with the patient’s regular doctor who had not been in that day. In the file, it had been clearly noted that the patient was highly allergic to a number of medicines.

If this clinic had taken advantage of the benefits of file-tracking software then they would have determined that the file was in the patient’s regular doctor’s office, they would have been able to retrieve it, an alternative prescription would have been written, and the patient would still be alive.

Now this is of course rather an extreme case, most of the time a missing document does not lead to someone dying. It may however still result in serious consequences such as the loss of a business deal or legal action.


Iron Mountain’s File-tracking Software Solution

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Docu-Track file-tracking software:

  1. Your documents movements can be tracked throughout your premises.
  2. Physical files can be managed as well as any linked scanned images.
  3. Both onsite and offsite documents can be tracking.
  4. Documents can be secured using data encryption, digital signatures and certificates
  5. Access to documents can be limited to authorised personnel only.


To find out more about our file tracking software can help you contact Iron Mountain today .


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