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Tips on Developing Records Management KPIs

Records Management Performance Measuring

What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

When implementing a Records Management Programme in your organisation, you will no doubt have set a variety of targets and goals. Measuring your progress towards these goals requires Key Performance Indicators or KPIs.

Essentially Records Management KPIs are measurements that allow you to stay on track by indicating ups and downs in performance. They allow you to benchmark and monitor the health and progress of your Records Management Programme.


Developing Records Management KPIs

Stages of Activity

When you start working out your records management KPIs, it can be useful to divide them into different areas.


  • Investment / Cost Monitoring
  • Adoption Monitoring
  • Health Monitoring

This will allow you to measure the different stages of your Records Management Programme.




Do not make your KPIs broad; make them specific, if you can interpret your numbers in different ways then your KPI is not specific enough.


If you cannot measure your KPIs then they are not KPIs. The point of being able to measure is that you can show progression towards a target and make comparisons with previous performance to determine whether you are doing better or worse.


If your KPIs do not lead to something attainable then you are setting yourself up for failure and no matter how hard anyone works they will never achieve anything but disappointment.


Make sure your KPIs matter. If your KPIs have no relevance to records management and its related fields then you need to go back to the drawing board.


Your KPIs must be measurable against time. This way you can set deadlines and compare performance against previous periods.


Don’t overdo it

Key Performance Indicators are important but if you create too many or make them too complex you are giving yourself unnecessary work and you will probably end up overwhelmed, and confused and have no idea how your Records Management Programme is really performing.

Keep the following in mind as you develop your KPIs:

  • Keep your KPIs simple and easy to understand.
  • Do not over measure, select relevant KPIs and don’t try to measure every little detail
  • Performance reporting is necessary, and management should be kept in the loop with simple easy to understand reports.
  • Use your KPIs to measure compliance within your organisation and to motivate employees to maintain RM procedures.


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