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Why Using Self-Storage Facilities for Business Records can Get You Fired

Records Managers – learn why self-storage facilities are a bad idea for business records.

In recent years self-storage facilities have mushroomed. There are many quality facilities and many more poor ones. However, the fact is, no matter whether you make use of good self-storage facilities or bad ones for your organisation’s records, you are making a big mistake.


The difference between Self-Storage Facilities and Offsite Records Management Facilities

Self-storage and offsite records management facilities are really worlds apart. They share very few features in fact. Both have buildings, electric fences, and staff to a greater or lesser degree. If all you are after is an offsite building surrounded by an electric fence, then self-storage may sound perfect.


The Obvious Difference

Let’s get the most obvious different out of the way. Price. Yes, self-storage facilities are cheaper than offsite records management facilities. Now, granted, there are businesses out there that cannot afford to send their records to an offsite records management facility. If you work as a Records Manager, or at least are tasked with carrying out the duties of one, and you don’t have the budget for better, then self-storage is probably a lot better than keeping everything on-premises. However, what if you can afford proper storage facilities but you still choose the cheaper alternative?

Perhaps it’s time for an analogy. If you could afford a more expensive but much safer car to transport your family in, would you not do so? It is the same for your company. The records and documents of a business have almost untold value and their loss could cripple, if not cause a business to shut down altogether.

As a Records Manager, it is your duty to ensure the information of your company is protected in the best way possible. In the event of a disaster, you will likely be held responsible for the manner in which the company’s documents were stored. While convincing upper management of the benefits of proper facilities may not be easy it could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Now for a little help with the convincing.


The Most Important Differences

So, what makes offsite records management facilities so different from self-storage facilities?

Security – while self-storage facilities may have electric fences and even security guards, few make use of extensive CCTV surveillance both on the perimeter and within their facilities. How many self-storage facilities use biometric access control? It is highly unlikely any self-storage facility makes use of anything as sophisticated as Iron Mountain’s VAMSA systems, which provide complete situation awareness and proactive protection.


Disaster Mitigation – perhaps one of the most important distinctions between offsite records management facilities and self-storage facilities are the disaster prevention systems. While the former makes use of both early warning fire detection systems and suppression systems, the latter probably does not. What about pest control? Rats and other vermin can pose a great risk to paper records. How many self-storage facilities check their units for pests?


The fact is self-storage cannot compete with offsite records management facilities when it comes to the security and safety of your company’s most important records. There are many more reasons to choose dedicated specialist facilities over cheaper alternatives. For more information, take a look at the following:

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