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What is Offsite Data Storage and Management?

Get to know this vital business continuity tool.


Your company’s data is very important. It houses all of your personal records, customer information, previous work orders, tax returns, and all sorts of other material and data that is necessary for your business to function.

While you probably have never had to suffer through an extensive loss of your data, there truly is nothing worse than losing all of your important information, simply due to a fluke power surge or hard drive crash. This is exactly why it is so important to take advantage of an offsite data storage service.

The offsite data storage service allows you to store your information away from your business in an offsite server, so even if your company’s own storage system goes down, you can still quickly and effectively access the information.

Offsite data storage is usually done through a system known as “the cloud.” This uses the Internet to transmit and receive information. Through an Internet connection and the server, located in a different part of the country, you can send your information through a secure connection to this offsite server.

The server then holds onto all of the information for you, allowing you to log into your server account and access the files, not only at any time, but also on any computer with an Internet connection. It works very much like your own email account. You create an email account through a particular company, then you can sign onto your personal account and view messages and other saved data that is currently located on the company’s server.

Offsite data storage is just on a larger scale, where instead of small, written messages; the content is made up of multiple file types. The concept however, is much the same, and with offsite data storage, you can access these files whenever you need to.

One of the main benefits, outside of the ability to access these backup files whenever you need them, is that you can download the content to any computer as well. Therefore, when you replace your damaged hard drive, you can download the data from the offsite server.


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