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What Will Records Management Be Like In 100 Years? Part 1

A look at what technology might be available in the future to handle data storage.


Modern records management makes use of many data storage technologies; from magnetic tape to hard drives, blue rays, the cloud, and SSDs (Solid State Drives).

These 20th century technologies make 18th and 19th century information storage technology such as punch cards and filing cabinets look antiquated. Yet it is certain that in the future they will themselves be replaced by 21st century records management technology, some of which may not be far away.


Data Storage of the Future – Holographic Layers?

What are Holographic Layers and how would they influence records management solutions?

The need for high capacity data storage is currently filled by magnetic tape and optical data storage devices such as hard drives. Both solutions require magnetic or optical changes to be made on the surface of the storage medium in order to store individual bits¹.

Holographic data storage has two huge benefits over the above-mentioned solutions:

  1. Holographic data storage would have a major storage capacity increase over current options, as it is able to record multiple images in the same space through angled light.
  2. Holographic data storage can not only read but also record millions of bits in parallel. This would lead to huge gains in data transfer speed over the current linear methods.


Iron Mountain Records Management

While holographic data storage options may not be available today, Iron Mountain nonetheless is at the forefront of modern data storage. With our state of the art storage facilities that utilise three key risk management technologies such as VESDA², RFID³, and VAMSA? you can rest assured that Iron Mountain will always lead new technology implementation.

To find out how Iron Mountain can help you take your Records Management Programme into the 21st century contact us today.


¹ bit is short for binary digit. It is the smallest unit of data in a computer and has a single binary value of 0 or 1.

² Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD)

³ Barcode Tracking (Radio-frequency Identification)

? (Video Alarm Monitoring) Security System


 Image Credit: Konstantin Fedin


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