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Why Should You Consider a Document Scanning Partner

To Scan or Not to Scan

Digital technology has irrevocably changed the way you run your business. While some companies have embraced technology changes others have yet to catch up, and catch up they must.

When it comes to maintaining your paper documents and records, Document Scanning technology is a necessity. Here are 10 clear reasons why a document scanning partner can improve your business:

  1. Make your documents instantly accessible to multiple users from almost any location and increase productivity.
  2. Control access to documents and records through strict controls and using communication links that are secure.
  3. High security administration means that users can easily be added and removed, made active or not and have passwords reset if need be.
  4. Make finding documents a breeze through multiple indexing fields linked to an intuitive search feature.
  5. You don’t need any fancy software. Access documents anytime, anywhere conveniently from your browser. No more dusty filing cabinets to search through!
  6. Improve your disaster recovery programme by allowing records to be easily duplicated and stored off-site.
  7. Specialised scanning devices allow almost any type of document to be converted into digital format, no matter if it’s size is A4 or A0, or its volume is 100 pages or 100 000 pages.
  8. While your physical documents can be destroyed according to their retention schedule digital copies can be kept for as long as you wish.
  9. Need archiving and backup options? What about data transfer options? No problem, we can integrate these with you servers.
  10. Finally as you would expect, document scanning can be a complicated time consuming exercise. With Iron Mountain’s complete document scanning solutions range we can take the hassle out of upgrading your company’s information management into the Digital Age.

Need a few more reasons to use our document scanning solutions? Contact Iron Mountain today for more information and a FREE quote.


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