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10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Records and Information Management

Why modern day businesses need an RIM Programme


Proper records and information management in any business is of utmost importance. Data is an important resource in any business and thus has to be guarded jealously. With modern technologies, it is now easier to manage information and other related records in the business setting. Proper information management means controlled access, which lowers the chances of data corruption and unauthorized access.

Here are 10 reasons why proper records and information management can help you in the running of your business:

  1. Records management helps to control record proliferation. Since your record volumes grow all the time, without proper management tools you may find it hard to keep track of them in the future.
  2. Proper records management helps to cut down on operational costs. Data plays an important role in the success of any business and can have a significant impact on your bottom line.
  3. It improves staff efficiency, and research shows that better records and information management can increase productivity and thus revenue.
  4. It can also lead to the adoption of new and improved data management technologies. This comes with the realization of the fact that data storage and management is vital.
  5. Records and information management ensures regulatory compliance. In most countries across the globe, there are rules and laws about data management.
  6. It helps to minimize litigation risks.
  7. The safeguarding of vital information is also a major reason why record management resources ought to be used.
  8. Organizations that use records and information management tools are able to make better management decisions. Proper data storage and organization acts as a roadmap to making wise business choices.
  9. It is also good to adopt record management practices in order to preserve corporate memory. With proper data management, a company’s legacy is preserved over a long period.
  10. Finally Yet Importantly, records and information management helps to create a professional work environment as it facilitates effective and positive decision-making.


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