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Yes, Even More Records and Information Management Myths

There sure are many myths floating around.

If you have not yet had your fill of records management myth busting then here are a few more for you to enjoy.


Myth Number 10

Implementing file-tracking software will not be well received by employees.

It is true that not everyone welcomes change and some even go out of their way to resist it. Therefore, the thought of implementing file-tracking software to better manage your organisation’s records and documents may at first be rather uncomfortable as you imagine the arguments and efforts of your employees to bypass your new software.

The thing is; getting your employees to buy into the idea of implementing a new system of file management and indeed become active supporters of the new system is actually not that hard. The key to getting your employees on-board is really one of education and training. As soon as the benefits are understood – less time spent hunting for files, faster access, more security, and accountability, increased production – your employees will be demanding the upgrade.

Then it is time for training on the use of the software. A properly trained person is not normally one who objects, those who are not well training are typically the objectors, as they inevitably have trouble in using the system.


Myth Number 11

Paper documents are more secure than electronic documents.

How do you control access to paper documents? Lock the filing cabinets. Lock the filing room. It does not really matter whether your organisation is large or small; repeatedly locking cabinets and rooms throughout the day is going to be tedious, time intensive and incredibly wasteful, and probably not even that effective.

Security on electronic records is much tighter and more controlled. For one, you can control exactly who is allowed to access each record. Passwords can be set, data can be encrypted, and an audit trail will be available to see exactly who did what and when.


Myth 12

Offsite document storage facilities are more secure if they are anonymous and use unmarked vehicles.

This idea pops up every now and then but is not true. While it may seem like a smart idea, the fact is if someone really wants to know where you keep your offsite records, they will make a plan. A simple Google search will often reveal the location of a storage facility and a little careful observation will identify the vehicle that transports your records. Once the vehicle is identified, it can also be followed.

Branded vehicles are also easier to locate should they be stolen or hijacked, while a simple number plate swap will buy time on an unmarked vehicle while the tracking device is searched for.

At the end of the day, an up to spec facility will have good security and will not need to rely on anonymity as a security measure. Additionally, a branded, easily locatable facility will also help ensure emergency services can arrive speedily should something go wrong.


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